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The Issues

Here we will highlight the key issues of the campaign to make visitors to our site familiar with our position.

I want to bring MORE jobs, More Business, and More residents to Mineral County, come and partner with me to accomplish this for all Mineral County!

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Nuts and Bolts

The nuts and bolts of economic growth are:
* A great workforce * A user friendly Government * Streamlined Procedures for new industry * COOPERATION with every one

For Sale sign

Mineral County HAS to sell it's land responsibly, it should not take 3 years to facilitate a land deal. WE need to let professionals handle land sales and the county should immediately get out of the land business. It is not good for county government to compete with private enterprise. Mineral County would be able to sell land instantly with new procedures similar to Story County.

Red wall telephone

Communication is a a KEY to a bright future for Mineral County

A political rally; Size=240 pixels wide

Mineral County Government and it's employees will NO longer meet industry at the door with this sign

Download our position papers on this page.

Hawthorne, Nevada 89415

Integrity*Honesty*Capable*Dependable for Sound Government Vote Nancy Black